"The most dangerous kind of advertising anyone can run today is
'safe advertising'... 'Safe advertising' that looks...so familiar, so
conventional, so reassuring, that it is actually invisible to the consumer.
So while 'safe advertising' may seem appropriate–on the surface–
the impact that it fails to deliver in the marketplace makes
'safe advertising' about as dangerous as you can get.

John Ferrell

Called "a creative prodigy" and "advertising icon" by
The NY Times, John began his career at Leo Burnett,
where he was taught by the master himself.

John then left Chicago to join Y&R. He eventually became Creative Director
of the New York office and within three years, doubled the size of the agency.

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John has also created some of the most iconic brand campaigns in history.

You might recognize a few of these:
  • Brush Your Breath With Dentyne.
  • Get Met. It Pays.
  • Holiday Inn. The best surprise is no surprise.
  • Advil. Advanced Medicine for Pain.
  • Nobody Fits You Like Goodyear.
  • Lincoln. What A Luxury Car Should Be.
  • Make Jell-O. Make Fun.
  • Get In The Zone. Autozone.
  • Give A Hallmark.

John has been featured in TIME, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and
in a 7-page profile in Esquire. He has won over 50 major awards for creative excellence
including Clios, IBA's, Effies, and the Gold Lion from Cannes.